Webb’s Available to Address Your Organization

One of the real benefits of having When Men Betray published is that it has given Webb the opportunity to get out and have conversations with various organizations and groups. He addressed great crowds at the Laman library in NLR and the Mecklenburg library in Charlotte, spoken to several book clubs, and also addressed a variety of other groups. The following is the leader of one group’s description of a typical “Conversation with Webb Hubbell:

“Subject: Webb Hubbell – Sharpening Stones speaker

We had a great turnout last night Brothers! One of our bigger crowds. Those that were able to make it were not disappointed. Webb Hubbell was honest, unassuming and funny. An accomplished athlete, lawyer, politician and businessman, Webb Hubbell reached the heights of power in Washington DC as a close confidant of President Bill Clinton. He also experienced a fall from grace that few of us could likely endure. In his words, Webb “saw both sides of the criminal justice system” and may be “the only man to have flown on Air Force One and Con Air.” He even overcame life-threatening disease and the loss of his best friend to suicide. All these tales he told with charm and humility. A witness to history, Webb has lived more lifetimes than most, experienced the highs and lows, and came through it all with a stronger faith, a deeper compassion for his fellow man and, ultimately and most importantly, the love of family.”

If you would like to explore the possibility of Webb addressing your group simply email him at [email protected] to get the ball rolling.




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