The East End is a powerful, authentic thriller set in a real place, with a story about the real health care needs of people who can't afford it, and the real danger to good people when public corruption threatens the rule of law and respect for facts. It's a great read and an important warning.
Bill Clinton
42nd President of the United States and co-author of The President Is Missing
The East End is another in a series of amazing works by Webb Hubbell… Don’t start this book unless you have some free time, because you aren’t going to want put it down!
J. O. Booker M.D.
Former Medical Advisor to the Arkansas Department of Health
Webb Hubbell’s The East End is brilliant and captivating. Hubbell’s understanding, use, and ability to explain the vagaries of the legal system is remarkable.
Philip J. Hirschkop
Civil Rights Attorney
The East End is a very well written thriller that keeps the reader on edge. As well as social commentary on health care issues of our day. A great read. I couldn’t put it down. Kudos to Webb Hubbell.
The Reverend Luis Leon
Rector of St. John's Church
425 Pages

Jack Patterson returns to Little Rock at the request of his boyhood friend Sam Pagano, but when Jack arrives, he’s abducted and taken to a remote swamp where he’s beaten and lynched by men set on revenge. Clovis Jones, his friend and bodyguard, finds Jack near death and gets him to a hospital.

As Jack recovers, he learns Sam’s college sweetheart, Jana Hall, is now a doctor who established and ran Arkansas’s health clinics for the poor including one in Little Rock’s East End. Jana’s efforts stepped on the toes of some powerful people, including someone who wants her clinics shut down, her medical practice ended, and for her to spend the rest of her life in prison. Meanwhile, someone has killed the men who tried to lynch Jack, and Jack is the prime suspect in the murders.

To make matters worse, Jack must defend Jana without the aid of his trusted assistant, Maggie, and his usual co-counsel, Micki Lawrence. Jack faces an unethical special prosecutor, a judge on the take, and the shadowy power broker bent on destroying Dr. Hall and her health clinics. Why Jana has become such a target, no one seems to know. Every time Jack thinks he has caught a break or sees a way to exonerate Dr. Hall, his adversaries or his client put a new obstacle in his path, including a second killer bent on settling an old score.

Jack’s courtroom tactics fail, his client wants to plead guilty to protect her patients, and in a last-ditch effort to overcome the long odds against his client he resorts to a complicated and dangerous strategy. The strategy will either save Jana’s life and reputation, or get Jack disbarred, his client put away for life, or worse—get Jack killed.

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