Webb Hubbell has quickly become one of my favorite authors. A Game of Inches was simply spectacular. It grabbed me from the opening sentence and my only disappointment at the end is now having to wait a year until the next one. A compelling and gripping read that easily puts Hubbell in the front row of must-read legal thrillers along with John Grisham, Scott Turow and Richard North Patterson. I’ve read all of Webb Hubbell’s books and this is easily my favorite. You will not put this book down.
Paul Finebaum
Sports Author, ESPN radio and TV personality
A Game of Inches lets the reader jump right into a family of fond characters, and smart, fast-paced storytelling which offers insight into the powerful force that football has become in our society. From Webb’s playing days at Arkansas, he can uniquely entwine the loyalty and lifetime bond of teammates in his masterful writing.
Dr. Terry Don Phillips
Retired Director of Athletics, Clemson University
Hubbell writes with consummate skill.  He knows how to make your senses come alive and your heart beat faster.  In “A Game of Inches,” he immerses the reader in the Washington intrigues Mr. Hubbell knows better than any other novelist.  I found myself rooting hard for the amiable Jack Patterson, whose best weapon is the modesty that lures his enemies into selling him short.  The greatest joy of this fast-paced, gripping novel is its unforgettable characters.  Webb Hubbell delivers the goods! Spending time with Jack Patterson has become my favorite escape—I can’t wait for the next novel!
Steve Spruill
Author of Ice Men
In a plot bursting with danger and complication, “A Game of Inches” spirals to a surprising conclusion.
Dannye Powell
The Charlotte Observer
It’s been interesting to observe Webb Hubbell’s journey as a writer.  His latest book, A GAME OF INCHES, is another step in joining a select group of writers that never fail to seize your attention.  This writer draws you into the plot, he mystifies you, he frightens you, he forces you to consider all possibilities but above all, he entertains you!
Harry Thomason
Producer of Designing Women
405 Pages

Does trouble follow Jack or does he come looking for it? In Webb Hubbell’s third legal thriller, A Game of Inches (Beaufort Books, June 2016), DC attorney Jack Patterson tackles the NFL, fantasy sports, and the power of information in our nation’s capital. NFL Rookie of the Year, Billy ‘Glide’ Hopper, has been charged with the gruesome murder of a young mystery woman in his locked hotel room at the Mayflower hotel in Washington, DC. Trouble is, Billy has no memory of the events of the night. Drawn in by his friend Judge Marshall Fitzgerald’s unshakable belief in Billy, Jack is determined to establish Billy’s innocence and get to the bottom of the murder. As the mystery deepens, he calls on old friends and colleagues to help him solve the puzzle. They find themselves at war with a powerful and sinister force, and both Jack and those closest to him are literally in the line of fire. In A Game of Inches Hubbell illustrates the role big money, information, and influence have on D.C. politics and how fantasy sports is changing the NFL and the game of football itself. Murder is just the tip of the iceberg.

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