Jack Patterson once again makes lawyering uncharacteristically electrifying.
Anne Harding Woodworth
Author of Gender: Two Novellas in Verse and The Spare Parts Saga
Light of Day is an engaging story with plenty of twists and setbacks to keep the reader turning the pages.
Mark de Castrique
Author, Producer, and Director
This up-against-the-wall-legal thriller is pure fun from start to finish!
Landis Wade
Author and Podcaster
Paperback, EBook
400 Pages

In the sixth novel of the award-winning series, Jack Patterson faces a true dilemma—either lose a case on purpose or risk the death of those he loves and admires. How deep is his bag of legal tricks? Can he save his client and overcome those who will go to any length to prevent his client’s new software from seeing “The Light of Day?”

Jack is a successful anti-trust lawyer in Washington DC. He enjoys living in the Kalorama neighborhood because he can walk to and from his office near the White House. He plays golf and tennis on the weekends and looks forward to his daughter’s upcoming wedding. He takes frequent trips to San Antonio where his good friend Red Shaw is the new owner of the San Antonio Lobos. His practice allows him to spend time with his friends Maggie and Walter at their home on the Maryland shore. He has found the good life.

But every now and then, more frequently than he cares to admit, Jack gets involved in a case more complicated, and more dangerous, than defending big companies who’ve run afoul of the antitrust laws. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to take on a new client, the grandson of the head of the Louisiana crime syndicate in New Orleans.

Young David is a computer genius who has invented a software program considered to be a serious threat to both national security and most major technology companies. So naturally the FBI throws him in the DC jail without bond, and a conglomerate of tech companies sue him in Federal Court.

Jack figures he can at least get the young man out on bail, work out a compromise with the tech companies, and be home for the weekend. He’s wrong. Before he can meet with the client, a gang of bad guys drugs his friend and occasional bodyguard, Clovis Jones, kidnaps Jack and
leaves him for dead in the swamps of Cajun country. He’s rescued by an environmental scientist, and they are forced to wait out a dangerous tropical storm in a house on the bayou.

Jack returns to DC to wage battle in Court with the Justice Department and a team of corporate litigators who want the software to be destroyed and Jack’s young client to spend the rest of his life in prison. To make matters worse, there’s a traitor in the Syndicate, and Jack and his team are pursued and threatened by a sinister, but congenial hitman who is determined to see him lose— either the case or his life.

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