John Grisham, move over—the legal thriller has a new master! When Men Betray is the real thing, a gripping, literate thriller from an author who knows the courthouse….Breath-stopping action, romance, and suspense rush forward to a climactic ending that will keep the sharpest readers guessing.
Steven Spruill
Author of Ice Men
A tour de force, crafted with riveting plot lines and fascinating characters. I couldn’t put it down.
Jack Abramoff
Lobbyist/Washington insider
When Men Betray is a delightful page-turner, a crime/mystery that captivates the reader from the first page with wonderfully detailed descriptions that made me feel I was in Little Rock. It is clear he drew liberally from his own fascinating life.
Keith Stroup, Esq.
Founder of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
Webb Hubbell has been “in power “and “under power” and knows both sides of the street. This tale takes off with the speed of the pistol shot that opens it and never slackens its pace. Yet at the end of this intriguing, engaging thriller, you realize it is actually a tale about decency and values. I loved it and I know readers will, too.
Peter Coyote
A brilliant read.
Anne Harding Woodworth
Author of The Artemis Sonnets, Etc.
In When Men Betray, Webb Hubbell’s insider knowledge of politics and natural storytelling ability combine for a shrewd mystery exposing the wooly underside of southern culture and government. May this be the first of many Hubbell novels.
B. Brandon Barker
Author of Operation EMU
330 Pages

Why would Woody Cole, a peaceful, caring man, shoot a U.S. senator in cold blood on live television? That’s the mystery facing attorney Jack Patterson as he returns to Little Rock, Arkansas, a town he swore he would never set foot in again.

Jack is supported by a motley but able crew, including loyal assistant Maggie, college-aged daughter Beth, feisty lawyer Micki, and his bodyguard Clovis. Together, Jack and his team are in a race against time to discover Woody’s hidden motive. All he has is a series of strange clues, hired thugs gunning for him, and the one man who knows everything is not talking. Alliances are tested, buried tensions surface, and painful memories are relived as he tries to clear the name of his old college friend. Jack Patterson will find that even the oldest friendships can be quickly destroyed when men betray.

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