I need Webb Hubbell to write more rapidly. Too much time elapses between Jack Patterson thrillers. Webb is such a skilled writer, and he knows his way around so many “rooms”―uptown and downtown, political and domestic―that his stories are buttressed with the facts and detail that support belief. I’m no golfer, but The Eighteenth Green is no sand trap. It’s another smart, sophisticated, Patterson mind-puzzle by Webb Hubbell that I couldn’t put down.
Peter Coyote
The Eighteenth Green is Hubbell’s best to date. I loved them all, but I couldn’t put this one down. Surprises and mystery around an issue we should all care about.
Bill Clinton
42nd President of the United States and co-author of "The President Is Missing
Webb Hubbell scores with his latest fictional legal thriller, The Eighteenth Green. D.C. attorney Jack Patterson is once again pulled away from his antitrust work into a high-stakes, political mystery that begins with a shocking murder on a golf course and then roller-coasts its way through the Pentagon, Israel, Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Patterson doggedly investigates allegations that the daughter of his close friend and mentor is a spy for Israel, and bumps up against egos, special interests and political ambitions along the way. Expect not only dangerous, near-death run-ins for Patterson, but also close calls for his nearest and dearest associates. Hubbell masterfully weaves his familiar characters into this new plot, introduces new foils and love interests, and uses his characteristically conversational style to illuminate a complex, intriguing tale that harkens the reader back to the days of Oliver North and the Iran-Contra Affair. Mining his own career history in D.C., Hubbell gifts the reader with a window into Washington press briefings, ‘off-the-record’ exchanges with reporters, political banter and high-level lobbying. Jack Patterson navigates his way to a satisfying finish in The Eighteenth Green, with plenty of room for future adventure and action.
David Rudolf
Criminal Defense and Civil Rights Attorney
I know of no other author of legal thrillers who outshines Webb Hubbell in knowledge of the law or the skills that bring a great novel to life. "The Eighteenth Green" is his best yet. At the last stop on a field of battle where the loser buys the winner a drink lies a man whose battles in a far deadlier game are over. At first, Jack Patterson knows the dead man only as the reason his golf game is canceled, but that will change. Anchoring the sizzling plot that follows is one of the most engaging protagonists in fiction today. By the middle of Webb Hubbell's first legal thriller, I was a fan of this lawyer who breaks the mold of the ditto hero: a genial gentleman who can turn as tough as he needs to be, whose deadliest weapon is his mind, and who will put his life on the line for his ideals. By "The Eighteenth Green" of this latest Jack Patterson thriller, I wished he could step from the world Webb Hubbell renders so real into our own, which could use more men like him.
Steve Spruill
Author of Ice Men
I loved this book! I read it aloud to my wife and she adored it as well! Webb Hubbell has done it again, bringing Jack Patterson and the gang back, now spiced up with some new recruits, and taking on the big – in this case really big – bad guys. A fast pace, an intricate and surprising plot, a truly shocking development, a couple of surprising if delightful turns and Hubbell’s intricate knowledge of the Washington games make ‘The Eighteenth Green’ a hoot!
Mike Farrell
Best Known as BJ Hunnicutt of M*A*S*H
Once again, Webb Hubbell has triumphed, embroiling Jack and his cast of characters in an almost impossible situation. But nothing’s impossible for Jack Patterson―we know that―not even when national security is pitted against criminal justice. In The Eighteenth Green, forget golf. We’ve got espionage, murder, downloaded state secrets, prison, Navy SEALS, missile designs, suicide, and much more. It takes the crafty mind―of whom? an anti-trust lawyer, of course (which Jack is)―to deal with these things, while he still eats well, drinks well, travels on private jets between D.C. and Little Rock, finds love and sex, and remains loyal to friends and family.
Anne Harding Woodworth
Author of "The Last Gun" and "The Eyes Have It"
The Eighteenth Green is an exciting read! Jack Patterson, the lead character in Webb Hubbell’s book series, becomes more and more like a family member in each book! A family member that has big adventures in a dangerous world! A family member you hope will be at the next family gathering!
Harry Thomason
Producer of Designing Women
375 Pages

Who was Harold Spencer?  All D.C. Lawyer Jack Patterson knew was that Spencer’s dead body had been found on the 18th Green of Columbia Country Club, cancelling Jack’s Saturday golf game.

Who is Rachel Goodman? Her name has been plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the country for weeks, branded as a thief of confidential information vital to U.S. National Security and a spy for Israel. Turns out she is also the daughter of Jack’s long-time friend and mentor, Ben Jennings.

Despite the opposition of his friends and clients, Jack feels compelled to defend Rachel. Jack and his team go to work against the Federal Government, the all-powerful military-industrial complex, most of the press and Congress, all of whom are convinced that Rachel is guilty and should receive the death penalty for her treason.

Clovis Jones, Jack’s long-time friend and confidante, is the victim of a vicious attack. The more Jack and his team dig, the more complicated and dangerous their work becomes. Even a volunteer group of Navy SEALs may not be enough protection. Who will be next?

Jack and his team discover the key to Rachel’s exoneration lies with Harold Spencer, the man found dead on the eighteenth green. Jack rushes to discover who killed Spencer and why, but Spencer’s murderer has now trained his sights on Jack, and will stop at nothing to prevent Jack from discovering why Rachel told him, “all is not as it seems.”

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