Webb Hubbell’s, “Friends In High Places” To Be Discussed On BizTalkRadio

HighPlaces_CVR_Mar17Dear Readers:

I have gotten really busy again. This Saturday, I record an interview with the nationally syndicated radio host Jim Campbell on BizTalkRadio. I will let everyone know when it airs. We will be talking about my two novels, When Men Betray and Ginger Snaps and the recently reissued autobiography, Friends In High Places, now available in paperback and ebook format thanks to my publisher Beaufort Books.

This next week I will go to Charleston, SC for a book signing and reading at the famous Ella Richardson Gallery on Broad Street. For those of you who live in the area I hope you will come by between two and four on Saturday afternoon.

Ginger Snaps Book Cover

I will be visiting Davidson, NC on November 17, 2015 for a reading and signing. I always enjoy visiting Davidson. It is where Jack Patterson’s daughter, Beth, went to college.

My newest novel is completed and its tentative title is A Game of Inches. This time Jack Patterson stays in DC. We now start the tedious and sometimes difficult process of editing. I will keep you up to date as that process continues.

It is never too early to consider giving the Jack Patterson Thrillers as corporate Christmas gifts, as a thank you to people who have made your life better this year, to friends or relatives, or even to the crazy uncle who shows up on Christmas morning for dinner unannounced. Place your order for autographed copies by going to https://webbhubbell.com/books-by-webb-hubbell-when-men-betray/.

When Men Betray Book CoverI am excited about the possibility of speaking to your book club, church, university, or business organization. I am hopeful that we are going to bring someone on board to facilitate the process in 2016 and make it easier on you. In the meantime simply email me at  [email protected].

Finally, I wrote my monthly column, Hubbell’s Telescope, for The Clyde Fitch Report and it was posted yesterday. I discuss the results of last Tuesday’s elections. Take a minute and tell me you what you think. Simply click on http://www.clydefitchreport.com/2015/11/2015-election-kentucky-gop-tea-party/ .

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and upcoming week.



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