We Are A Better Nation! We Are a Better People!

When Men Betray Book Cover



The Senate report on the CIA’s use of torture is a sobering reminder that it is very easy to cross the line when we are chasing the devil, but in the end Satan will always turn to face us and we will recognize him the mirror. May we learn a lesson from all this — that the end is not justified if we use means that compromise our values. We are a better nation, a better people, and our leadership needs to take heed. For example, sending drones to kill American citizens in foreign countries without due process tears at the very fabric of our Bill of Rights, a document our leaders are sworn to uphold. Let us stop wallowing in the mud just because that’s where I enemies hide.

In the novel, When Men Betray,  the story centers around betrayal, including betrayal of values, blind loyalty, and waking up one day and realizing one has been compromised. It’s not too late for our country to learn from mistakes, and its no too late to order your personalized autographed copies of When Men Betray for Christmas. Go to www.webbhubbell.com and take advantage of free shipping over the holidays.



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