Washington Times’ Review Praises “Ginger Snaps”

Ginger Snaps Book Cover




The Washington Times last week reviewed Ginger Snaps. Phillip Kopper, publisher of Posterity Press and author of the review says, “…there’s hardly a dull page in it…” and begins by saying:

It is peopled by bureaucrats, lawyers and investigators; driven by heroism, calumny and greed; redolent with ambition, nobility and lies. It resonates issues torn from today’s headlines, and en fin, preaches a classic lesson: power corrupts. 

Going on to say:

Mr. Hubbell’s plot is as serpentine as a blue highway through the Ozarks, while it visits abuses committed under the camouflage claims of national security. 


Mr. Hubbell writes of these outrages as prophetically as Cassandra. 

To read the entire review go to http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/aug/19/book-review-ginger-snaps-a-jack-patterson-thriller/

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