US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch Follows In “Ginger Snaps'” Jack Patterson’s Footsteps

Ginger Snaps Book Cover

In the latest Jack Patterson Thriller, Ginger Snaps, (Beaufort Books — 2015)Jack returns home and confronts sex trafficking in his hometown of Little Rock.

Lynch, a Durham, North Carolina high school graduate left home for Harvard University in the late 1970s, rose up through the ranks of the U.S. Justice Department to become the U.S. Attorney General and yesterday, returned home to North Carolina to meet with the N.C. Coalition Against Human Trafficking. The coalition brings together law enforcement agencies and various legal and social service organizations and individuals fighting human trafficking in North Carolina.


Lynch said it was important to go beyond the focus on catching traffickers and help survivors of such crimes rebuild their lives. “Human traffickers prey on some of the most vulnerable members of our society to exploit them for labor, for sex, and for servitude of all kinds.”

Lynch described trafficking as “modern-day slavery” that “has no place in modern-day society.” Many people, Lynch said, think that trafficking happens in other places, not in their communities. “Unfortunately,” she said, “it is the invisible crime that does happen everywhere.”

Kudos to the Attorney General for highlighting this issue, for as Jack Patterson says in Ginger Snaps, “UNICEF estimates that more than two million children are exploited yearly in the sex industry.”

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