Undoing The Election

Dear Readers:

Yesterday I wrote about Michael Lewis’s latest book The Undoing Project at TheHubbellPew.com. Here is a little of what I said:

“I just finished Michael Lewis’s latest book, The Undoing Project. It is not as easy a read as Moneyball or Liar’s Poker but fascinating.It tell the story of two Israeli psychologists who wrote a series of breathtakingly original studies about the decision making process.

The title, The Undoing Project, comes from the investigation into feelings people have to spin alternative realities to avoid pain or emotion.
Razorback fans are very familiar with “undoing” saying, “If only we hadn’t fumbled,” or “if only we hadn’t missed that free throw”, or “if only we hadn’t dropped the baton.””
I know a lot of people after the election engaged in some spin and undoing themselves. They traveled into an alternative reality to avoid the pain and the perceived harm that we might experience under a Trump presidency. Interestingly, the Trump supporters are also engaging in some alternative realities of their own. For example, we hear if if only voter fraud hadn’t occurred Trump would have won the popular vote, and if only the media had been fair, Trump would be popular, etc.
Former athletes learn in both victory and defeat not to dwell on the “if only’s.” Politicians and political pundits need to learn to engage in a little less “if only’s” and a lot more “what can we learn’s” and how do we “do better’s.”

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