Too Much Information, Too Little Thought?

I am amazed at how much information I have at my fingertips. Computer technology allows me to ask just about any question, and I will get an answer and probably a video explaining it.

Television has so many channels every football game, every sporting event, and every form of entertainment is available twenty-four hours a day. (I could have used a few more channels back in 1973 when I was up all night with a colic upset son, and all that was on the tube was a screen pattern).

I can listen to any song or speech ever given. I could go on and on.

Our children have access to all of this and more because of their computer skills, but who is teaching them to Think? 

Fortunately for humanity I am too old to be teaching or having children. Mine are grown, but I worry about where are the children of today learning about judgment, creativity, and imagination?

I read about the emphasis on testing in our schools and worry that all the children are learning is how to take a standardized test. I hope I am wrong.

A very good friend used to remind me that at Princeton people would walk softly by the office of Albert Einstein who was often found sitting with his eyes closed in a comfortable chair. No one asked what he was doing, no one asked why he wasn’t at his desk or at the blackboard, they would just quietly pass and whisper, “Hush, Mr. Einstein is thinking.”

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