The Devil Is In the Cell Phone

Dear Readers:
I’ve been a fan of Stephen L. Carter, Yale Professor, author, columnist, for a long time. Out of pure luck, his column titled Depressed by politics? Put down the phone.  was in today’s Charlotte Observer.
In today’s Hubbell Pew I wrote:
“He (Carter) says that he defines civility in one of his books “as the sum of the sacrifices we make for the sake of living together.” Then he goes on to say “if we expect better from our officeholders…we have to demand better from ourselves.” Finally he he pinpoints the devil and suggests that we lift our noses away from our cellphones and say hello to someone on the street or at a minimum enjoy the view. When we look into the eyes of a stranger and say hello, when we take a moment on the way into the office to admire the blooming flowers, we take that wonderful first step away from self and toward a broader and more expansive view of the world. Maybe, just maybe, a connected society is not so connected after all, and in order to connect, we must disconnect from time to time.”
On the political front, Carter’s article caused me to think about the struggle many are having today about how to react the current administration and its policies. I cannot fault anyone in this struggle and the choices they are making, except if the reaction is violent, but Carter highlights my struggle. I understand the fear, the pain, and the concerns, but I worry that disruption and obstruction only escalate the lack of civility that so dominates our nation’s discourse. I worry that tactics currently used by opponent’s to the administration may come back to haunt and bite the next Democratic President and may lead to the destruction of the institutions that provide checks and balances.
I’m reminded that my mother used to ask me, “if your friends jump off a bridge, are you going to follow?”  And I caution my friend’s that as Carter reminds us, “If we expect better from our officeholders… we have to demand better from ourselves.” In every action of opposition, we must ask ourselves what lessons are we teaching our children, and what are the long term consequences of our actions. It is not sufficient to simply say, “But, they did it first!”
I don’t have answers right now, but I do have concerns. Let me hear from you, post a comment, and let’s start a discussion.
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