Thanksgiving Traditions

My family’s Thanksgiving tradition has changed over the year but it has always involved good food, family and friends, and much to be thankful. Here how it has progressed, and I suspect it will continue to change:

1. When we lived in Memphis we always went to my Grandmother’s. As a small child we sat at the children’s table but that was okay, we got served first. I still have never seen so many pies, cakes, and different kinds of fresh vegetables.

2. In high school, Thanksgiving always was dominated by the Turkey Day game between Hall and Central. My senior year Hall’s victory was especially sweet because it meant the State Championship as well. Everyone who graduated from the schools came to the game, so it was true homecoming in the stands. Food after the game was eaten with a relish and then my father and i watched NFL football together.

3. In College, football season for the Razorbacks was always over before Thanksgiving. Everyone would go home to be with family and friends before final exams started and hopefully bowl game practice.

4. After Suzy and I were married, we began a tradition of two Thanksgiving dinners. One at my folks and one at hers. It could get pretty wild and certainly filling. Typical fare at both houses was Turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry in some fashion, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin and pecan pies. Suzy and I tried once to have everyone at our house, but both grandmother’s left early to cook their own turkey and dressing so there would be plenty of leftovers.

5. In DC, Suzy began a tradition of not only family but inviting everyone of our friends without family over. I also started cooking the turkey on the grill so there would be more room in the oven. Each of our children have there own special memories of Thanksgiving. On occasion it is suggested that we change the menu, but that usually gets drowned out by, “But we will still have dressing, green bean casserole, etc.”

One memory I have had throughout the years is that I always eat an abundance for Thanksgiving, but no matter how much I eat the abundance is small compared to the many blessing I have received and am thankful.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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