Ten Ways To Spread The Word About “Ginger Snaps”

Ginger Snaps Book CoverReaders of  Ginger Snaps and When Men Betray write in and say, “I loved the book, how can I help get the word out? Here are ten ways, but I bet you can think of many more:

  1. Invite Webb to Talk To Your Organization, Book Club, or local University. One of the real benefits of having When Men Betray and Ginger Snaps published is that it has given Webb the opportunity to have conversations with various organizations and groups over the last year. He has addressed great crowds at the Laman Library, the Charlotte- Mecklenburg libraries, numerous book clubs, Charlotte churches, rotary clubs, as well as major universities and law schools. Simply email Webb at [email protected] to get the conversation started.
  2. Write a Review Online or in your neighborhood newspaper. Go to Amazon, B&N, iBooks or Good Reads and write a review.  The more five star reviews a book has, the more Amazon, etc. take notice and start to market the book.
  3. Give a copy of Ginger Snaps and/or When Men Betray to your movie producer or actor neighbor with the suggestion that Jack Patterson Thrillers would be great movies and/or TV series.
  4. Go to Your Local Bookstore and suggest they carry and display Ginger Snaps.
  5. Suggest Your Local TV/Radio Talk show Interview Webb Hubbell. Arrangements are easily made by contacting Felicia Minerva at Beaufort Books. [email protected]
  6. Give A Copy of Ginger Snaps to Your Local Library.
  7. Give Away Copies of When Men Betray and Ginger Snaps as Door Prizes, Corporate  Gifts, or simply as a “Thank You” To Someone.
  8. Carry A Copy of Ginger Snaps With You To the Doctor’s Office, a Boring Meeting, or to a Little League Game.
  9. Leave A Copy of Ginger Snaps At Your Hairdresser’s, Barber’s, or Other Busy Waiting Room.
  10. Most Importantly Thank You For Reading When Men Betray and Ginger Snaps. Word of Mouth is still the most important and best way to spread the word about a book you enjoyed. Again, Thank You! W.
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