Ten Reasons Why “When Men Betray” Makes A Perfect Christmas Present

Ten Reasons Why “When Men Betray” Makes A Perfect Christmas Present
  1. A copy of “When Men Betray” is easy to wrap.
  2. Everyone wants “good book” for Christmas.
  3. It’s the perfect read for a long winter’s night in front of a warm fire.
  4. Your boss will be blown away with the gift and give you a larger Christmas bonus.
  5. Do something special for your hairdresser, barber, or manicurist for Christmas! I bet you will be the first to give a good book to that important person in your life. Copies of When Men Betray are perfect thank you’s.
  6. Have a special Aunt, Uncle, or Godparent you haven’t reached out to over Christmas lately. What could be better than a great book sent directly too them with a special inscription from the Author wishing them Merry Christmas?
  7. Have a girlfriend who just broke up with her jerk boyfriend and your worried she will get back with him over Christmas? A gift of When Men Betray will provide a subtle hint.
  8. Have a girl you want to impress and she already has everything?
  9. Tired of giving the same old Christmas presents to your clients or prospects. A great book says something different than potato chips, popcorn, or coffee mugs.
  10. A personalized copy of When Men Betray can say whatever you intend to convey.

I guess you get the hint by now. E-mail me any special requests you have, contact me by e-mail for special  bulk rates, and no matter how many copies you order their is free shipping and handling charge for one book or a hundred.  Place your order for personalized autographed copies at www.webbhubbbell.com.  Christmas will be here before you know it.


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