Ten Reasons To Order “When Men Betray”

  1. Have a sick friend? Flowers and Candy are nice, but be creative give him a great book — When Men Betray.
  2. Do something nice for your assistant? He/she worked overtime, covered for you with your boss, etc. Flowers you’ve done that. (He/She probably ordered them.) Give her an autographed copy of When Men Betray. It only takes seconds. Go to www.webbhubbell.com, click on Books and follow the easy steps to order now.
  3. Have a old boyfriend or two that you want to send a reminder of what he is missing? Send him a copy of When Men Betray. He’ll get the message. Order it from webbhubbell.com and he’ll never know who sent it unless you want him to know.
  4. Get on the good side of your employer. Give your boss a copy of When Men Betray.
  5. Do something special for your hairdresser, barber, or manicurist. I bet you will be the first to give that important person in your life. Copies of When Men Betray are perfect thank you’s.
  6. Have a special Aunt, Uncle, or Godparent you haven’t reached out to lately. What could be better than a great book sent directly too them with a special inscription from the Author.
  7. Have a girlfriend who just broke up with her jerk boyfriend and your worried she will get back with him? A gift of When Men Betray will provide a subtle hint.
  8. Have a girlfriend who you messed up with and you want to say your sorry. A copy of When Men Betray will tell her you are sorry.
  9. Tired of giving the same old Christmas presents to your clients or prospects. A great book says something different than potato chips, popcorn, or coffee mugs.
  10. A personalized copy of When Men Betray can say whatever you intend to convey.

I guess you get the hint by now. E-mail me any special requests you have, contact me by e-mail for special  bulk rates, and no matter how many copies you order there is only a $5 shipping and handling charge for one book or a hundred.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be here before you know it.

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