Super Bowl Starting to Lose its Luster?

Is it me, is it my old age, or is the Super Bowl starting to lose its luster?

I remember the wonderful super bowl parties, how hosts and hostesses would go all out to have new and exciting things to eat for before and during the game. Now everyone just wants to stay at home and eat a burger or hot dog.

Remember being excited about what new commercials would blow us away, Apple, Budweiser, Go Daddy, but how many dog and Clydesdale commercials can one watch, and their is nothing new, unless its something that is in extremely bad taste?

Half Time used to have really good entertainment, but now it seems we trying to resuscitate careers not have an entertainer at his/her peak.

Then there is the game itself, what happened to two great teams going head to head for a championship? Now its about individual personalities jawing at each other before and after the game, one has to wonder if NFL players get to practice anymore, its seems like all the NFL wants them to do is have press conferences and fine them for wearing the wrong clothes. What happened to leaving it all on the field? — Not save your energy for your interviews.

My Andy Rooney moment for the week.

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