Share The Holiday Cheer With “Ginger Snaps”

Ginger Snaps Book CoverReaders write in and say, “I loved Ginger Snaps and When Men Betray. How do I help get the word out?”

Well, I would get in trouble if I suggested you follow the lead of one of the major characters in Ginger Snaps, Liz Stewart, and make a batch ginger snaps with her “secret spice” for your bridge, garden, or book club over the holidays. Although the conversation might get pretty lively.

So here are some other ideas:

  1. Give a copy of When Men Betray or Ginger Snaps to your high school sweetheart that is now a famous movie star/starlet or movie producer and suggest you would come out of retirement to play the lead in the movie.
  2. While Christmas shopping at your local independent bookstore make sure they are carrying plenty of copies of Ginger Snaps, When Men Betray, and Friends in High Places.  If they aren’t displaying all three suggest they get on the stick or lose your business.
  3. Have plenty of copies of Webb’s books on hand for the drop by friends you haven’t seen in months bringing you a candle or out-of-date-calendar for Christmas. Books are easy to wrap beforehand, and my books will really make them feel guilty for not being as thoughtful as you.
  4. Copies of Ginger Snaps are great gifts for office exchanges, neighborhood cocktail parties, and friends who claim to never have tried marijuana in college.Webb Hubbell: Friends in High Places Book Cover
  5. Copies of Friends in High Places are the perfect gifts for your aunt, uncle, or in-laws who proudly declare they have joined the Tea Party.
  6. Copies of When Men Betray are the perfect gifts for former boyfriends or girlfriends, and what could be a better gift than to give a copy of When Men Betray to that boyfriend who stood you up for the Christmas Party for which you purchased that perfect dress because he had to work “late” with the new college intern to “show her the ropes.”
  7. Seriously for a moment, give copies of Webb’s books to your favorite charity for door prizes for their holiday party. Autographed copies of Webb’s books make wonderful donations to silent auctions too.
  8. Give a copy of Ginger Snaps or When Men Betray to that person who proudly declares they never read fiction, only serious non-fiction. I bet you catch them reading fiction soon thereafter.
  9. Pull out a copy of Ginger Snaps at a waiting room where you will be stuck for the next two hours. You just might strike up a conversation with Brad or Angelina who are stuck in the same waiting room and are fascinated you are reading the same book they are. Next thing you know y’all may all be vacationing somewhere together. That could really be interesting.
  10. Thank you for reading my books and spreading the word in every way you can. have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Webb.


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