Reviewers Continue To Praise Hubbell’s “When Men Betray”

When Men Betray Book Cover

Amazon has a  select independent reviewer’s panel and asks them to read certain new novels and posts their reviews. They are called Vine Voice reviews. This last week three new reviews of When Men Betray were posted by Vine reviewers all five-star reviews. Read what one of them had to say about Webb Hubbell’s When Men Betray (Beaufort Books 2014):

I generally take a week or so to read a book, carving out an hour or two at the end of the day. This one took 24 hours and absorbed me for an entire summer weekend. This book is written by an author who knows the ins and outs of law practiced at a very high level. As an attorney I can say it to few literary licenses, but didn’t stray too far. But, this isn’t just a book about a high visibility murder. It is also a complex story about friendship, loyalty, and secrets; about complex issues such as race and coverups, and of course, about the corrupting influence of politics and money. Other reviewers will tell you about the story and plot; I’m not one for spoilers. If you like Grisham and Bosch (the Mickey Haller series) then you’ll love this one, too.
Another said:
                   This novel is great! It is very similar to a Grisham-in that it has political, intelligent language, married with a thrilling plot and heroic, but human protagonist. The story had me from the first page-why would a normal guy shoot a senator in cold blood? We are on an adventure-filled, thrilling journey with his attorney Jack Patterson to find out. There is MUCH more here than meets the eye and as Jack returns to Little Rock, I felt like I was really there with him. The writing is descriptive, but does not impede the speed of the plot. The ending left me completely satisfied. Overall, this is a great, thrilling, political adventure that is masterfully written and I can’t wait to see what Jack Patterson does next!
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