Republican Presidential Debate Topics Taken From the Novel, “Ginger Snaps.”

Ginger Snaps Book Cover

Tonight’s First Republican Presidential Debate is likely to draw a huge television audience, be the subject of hundreds of newspaper and internet magazine columns analyzing each candidate’s performance, and one or two candidates may make a quantum leap or descent in the polls afterwords.

I of course would love to have a question asked such as, “Have you read Webb Hubbell’s thrillers, When Men Betray and Ginger Snaps and how would you address the issues highlighted in those books, but that would not be a fair question for a variety or reasons. Can you imagine asking Donald Trump what is the latest book he read?

A fairer and better question might be about one of the issues raised in Ginger Snaps such as:

  • Asset Forfeiture — What would you do as President to put a stop to the government seizing peoples homes, cars, and belongings without ever charging someone with a crime.
  • Medical Marijuana — Maybe you oppose legalization of marijuana, but do you oppose respected scientists experimenting with marijuana to determine its medical benefits?
  • Sex Trafficking — Over two million children annually are exploited around the world for sex. What would  you do to put a stop to this?
  • Politics and Money — Finally, both novels talk about the fact that money always finds a way to corrupt our nation’s politics. What is your answer to reducing the influence of money on our political landscape?

It’s doubtful if any of these issues come up tonight, but wouldn’t it be interesting if they did? I guess we all should read Ginger Snaps and When Men Betray to get some real answers.

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