Razorbacks Will Beat Georgia

I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m not saying it will be pretty. But I am saying Arkansas will beat Georgia at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock this Saturday.

War Memorial stadium is a special venue for the Razorbacks — The site of some our greatest victories.

A little over 45 years ago Arkansas beat undefeated Georgia in the Sugar Bowl 16-2. I had the honor of playing in that game. I think and hope that our victory tomorrow will be the start of the resurgence of Razorback football just like our victory in the Sugar Bowl set the stage for the Big Shootouts.

Why do I go out on such a limb. It is because what our team needs now is a confidence and belief that they can win. They have played well enough to win the last two games, but from this person’s eyes they seem to lack a belief in themselves. It is incumbent on us as the fans to believe in them, so they believe in themselves. Go Hogs.


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