Razorbacks In The Super Bowl?

It just hit me. We have an easy solution to “Deflategate.” The Arkansas Razorbacks should replace the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  1. No NFL team has a legitimate claim to be the replacement choice. They all either lost in the playoffs or didn’t even get in. The Colts would have lost if Brady was throwing bricks. All right, the Ravens may have a little bit of a claim, but enough already about who from the NFL was cheated the most, let’s go to college.
  2. Who had a better bowl performance — Arkansas beat Texas by a lot, holding the vaunted Longhorns to less than a hundred yards in offense. Yes OSU won the first playoff, but they got their trophy and besides OSU is more like an NFL team anyway.
  3. Arkansas’s offensive line weighs more than any NFL team’s so don’t think the Seahawks aren’t going to be a little nervous about facing those guys who get bigger, faster, and stronger every week. Did I mention what Arkansas’s defense did to Texas, plus shutting out two SEC teams.
  4. College football is a lot more fun to watch, the crowds are more excited, and college tailgates put Pro tailgates to shame.
  5. I bet the viewing audience will go through the roof. Maybe all those high price ads would be worth it for a change.

Anyway, since it will never happen this old “Bear” will don his number 73 jersey and dream about what would really happen if his Hogs were in Arizona this Sunday. W.

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