Razorbacks Heading to Lubbock? Watch Out For More Than The Horse

I had the experience of playing three times for the Razorbacks in Lubbock. Once for the freshmen team (Freshmen back then weren’t eligible to play for the varsity, an idea that is worth revisiting.), the second time as a sophomore, and finally as a senior in my last regular season game as a  Razorback football player.

Yes, it was a long time ago, but I bet you a dollar to a doughnut that the coaches still warn the players still to watch out for “that damn horse.” The Red Raiders of Texas Tech’s mascot is a Red Raider riding a huge black stallion all over the football field. No coach with a lick of sense doesn’t warn his athletes to watch out for the horse, but should also caution the team to not to focus on the horse, but on the game.

The horse is a dangerous distraction, but not as dangerous or distracting as a much more subtle ploy the Red Raiders for years have employed.

I have no idea why, but Texas Tech attracts some of the most attractive coeds in the South.  They are aware of their visible appeal and, whether it is the coaching staff or the administration, some one  knows how to put their visible assets to Texas Tech’s advantage.

Beginning in my freshmen year, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that Texas Tech University places about one hundred knock-dead gorgeous coeds in the seats right behind the Razorback bench. From the beginning of the pre-game warm ups those coeds use their talents to attract and distract the opposing team.

In my day it was enough to have to deal with Donnie Anderson, but to have a gorgeous coed blowing kisses our way and suggesting we meet behind the stands after the game was more distracting than a fake punt or a horse racing behind the bench.

Coach Bilema, watch out for the horse, but warn your team to keep their eyes on the field and not on the stands. It won’t be easy, but believe me it’s necessary.



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