Random Thoughts About October

  1. October is the month that you are supposed to change the batteries in your smoke detector but never do. Have you noticed that the batteries always die around three in the morning after a night out? How does your smoke detector know when you are least capable of changing out a battery and haven’t been to the store yet?
  2. Why does iTunes charge you a dollar to update your credit card when the expiration date on your old card has expired? Doesn’t that seem a little unfair?
  3. How come the movie industry is tempting us with all these great movies coming out the month there is absolutely nothing worth going to the movies for? I want to go to the movies, but I worry that they will be running political ads on the wide screen.
  4. The U.S. Supreme Court begins its term the first Monday in October, but most of the important opinions don’t come out to the following June. Then they go on vacation.  How does one apply for that job?
  5. Pro and college football is here, Basketball is beginning, and baseball playoffs and the World Series are played in October. I wonder if  hot dog, hamburger, chips and dip makers consider October their equivalent of Black Friday.
  6. What random thoughts do you have about October? Send them by writing a comment and we will publish the best.

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