Random Sports Observations

1. Carolina Panthers will win NFC South and have home field advantage for first playoff game. I don’t see New Orleans winning three games in a row given their defense or Carolina losing to Cleveland or Atlanta. Their best chance — play Anderson against both Cleveland and Atlanta preparing a finally healthy Cam to win first playoff game against Seattle.

2. Something is going on at Wisconsin. Two winning head coaches leave in two years to go to Arkansas and Oregon State?

3. Steph Curry is the frontrunner for the NBA’s most valuable player.

4. Arkansas will sign a 375 pound offensive lineman with 4.8 speed in the forty and quick feet. Les Miles and Saban call foul both claiming they had him locked-up. The young man says he just wanted to attend the best academic school in SEC.

5. Peyton Manning is hurt is the real reason why they have gone to ground game. Come playoff time he will have recovered and opponents will have prepared for run-oriented attack.

6. Cincinnati will lose its first playoff game. That’s a no-brainer.

7. SF Coach Harbough is going to Michigan and Kapernick, RG III, and Geno Smith are all on the trading block. Darren McFadden signs with NE and in 2015 runs for over 2000 yards.

8. Chicago Bears hire Mike Ditka as a consultant, and he suggests they trade all their draft choices for an unknown running back from Arkansas Baptist. His contract is bought out.

Have a Merry Christmas and don’t forget to preorder your copy of Ginger Snaps.

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