Raise Gas Taxes Now

Every day, our bridges come closer to collapsing, our roads crumble more, and traffic gets worse. Gas prices are at a low we haven’t seen in years so why not raise gas taxes now where the impact will not be so difficult on consumers and small businesses and use that money to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure and create more jobs?

Wouldn’t you vote for a senate candidate who announced no more negative ads and every penny I still have in my war chest will be donated to charity.

How about refusing aid to countries that harbor terrorists or support them financially?

Just a few thoughts as I cannot watch the World Series, Football, Nightly News, and the few good shows left on TV, for all the political ads telling why I should vote “against” someone. Enough already. Tell me what you are for, what you will do, and not in meaningless broad categories but specifics.

I apologize for the rant. Take a good book to the polls like When Men Betray.

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