PreOrder Your Copy Of “Light of Day”

Don’t forget to preorder your copy of “Light of Day.” Preorders create buzz about an upcoming book, encourage a publisher to increase production, and most importantly get the attention of reviewetrs and publicists. Go to to place your order for an autographed copy, order from your local bookstore, or go online to order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Apple Books.

The Louisiana Crime Syndicate. Software that threatens national security. A vengeful hitman. Jack Patterson is faced with a case determined to see him lose—either in court or his life—in the sixth novel from former Associate Attorney General of the United States and award-winning author, Webb Hubbell.

Every now and then, more frequently than he cares to admit, antitrust lawyer Jack Patterson gets involved in a case more complicated, more dangerous, than just defending big companies who’ve run afoul. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to take on a new client: the grandson of the head of the Louisiana crime syndicate in New Orleans.

Young David is a computer genius who has invented a software program considered to be a serious threat to both national security and most major technology companies. So when the FBI throws him in the DC jail without bond, and a conglomerate of tech companies sue him in Federal Court, Jack figures he can at least get the young man out on bail and be home for the weekend.

He couldn’t be more wrong. Before he can even meet with the client, his bodyguard is drugged and Jack is left for dead in the swamps of Cajun country. He must make his way back to DC, wage a battle in court, and dodge a hitman who lurks around every corner. Can Jack save his client and overcome those who will go to any length to prevent the software from seeing the light of day?

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