New York

I don’t know why New York City makes me so anxious. But it does.

I have a generous friend who is letting me stay at her apartment so I don’t have to pay NY Hotel rates and its view is breathtaking. I have a view of Ground Zero, the New World Trade Center, and at least four bridges and so many buildings I wonder why New York doesn’t just sink under all the weight.

I am here to attend a Book Expo where just about every author, publisher, agent, bookseller, and printer attends. If you love books this is a Mecca where people walk through grabbing free copies, get author’s signatures, etc. I was overwhelmed the first day, but I have more days and signings, and I want to enjoy as well as do my signings, etc.

I also will be on Fox and Friends tomorrow morning at @ 7:20 A.M. ET. I can’t imagine anyone on a Saturday morning wanting to be up that early and watching TV, but if you can’t sleep watch and let me know. This is the plight of authors who are trying to sell their books.



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