New Year’s Resolutions


Dear Readers:

One of my resolutions for 2019 was to stay better in touch with my readers. I also hope you will feel free to contact me by commenting on the bottom of my blogs or emailing me at [email protected]. The book tour for The Eighteenth Green is in full swing. I had wonderful events in Asheville, NC and Pawleys Island, SC last week. If you have a favorite bookstore, a civic or educational institution that has authors speak, or a book club in the Charlotte, NC area and you would like me to appear, email me and we will try to work it out. I have plenty of dates still available this spring.

Next July, the next novel in the award-winning Jack Patterson thriller series will hit the bookshelves. The East End is already available on Amazon for pre-order. Autographed copies will soon be available for pre-order at my website

When it comes to the news coming out of Washington, DC I have a couple of observations. There are no winners when the government is shut down for almost a month. The media and politicians on both sides seem to think this is a game to be won or lost, and they are all wrong. Was anything done about our crumbling infrastructure, healthcare costs, or never ending wars in the Middle East while both sides  engaged in a game of “who’s to blame.” One understands our national frustration.

The other thought I had is more personal and may surprise you. I have no love for Mr. Roger Stone. I believe he was responsible for hurtful and libelous stories about me in the past and at one time considered punching him in the face if I ever came across him, but my former DOJ soul was troubled by the manner he was taken into custody. I was always allowed to self report, and I wonder if there is a good explanation for the morning raid and CNN being tipped off. I think Mr. Mueller’s spokesperson owes an explanation. What do you think?


To get copies of my recent novel The Eighteenth Green go to your local independent bookstore, or Amazon at, or to Barnes and Noble at

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Speaking Opportunities:  Contact me at [email protected] to arrange for me to speak to your organization or institution in 2019.

Books: There are still plenty of copies available for purchase of the award-winning Jack Patterson Thrillers, including A Game of Inches. They are available for birthdays, thank you gifts, and just to be nice presents. Autographed copies are available at my website,  Amazon, and Barnes & Noble are also selling hard copies and eVersions, and local independent bookstores either have them in stock or can get books from my publisher, Beaufort Books. If your favorite bookstore has run out, ask them to order your books today.

Questions: Please use the comments section of this website to ask questions or make a comment. I see them all and will try to respond to any reasonable question.

Until my next post all the very best. Webb

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