June Newsletter

unnamedDear Readers:

Despite the disappointment brought on by the publication delay May was an exciting month and June is “busting out all over.” First and foremost, Jack Patterson will be back in only two weeks in his latest thriller, A Game of InchesBe sure and preorder your copies today from either AmazonBarnes and Noble, or your local independent bookstore. If you want an autographed copy simply go to webbhubbell.com and place your order. I will be mailing those orders out the day I receive my books from the publisher, Beaufort Books.

Early reviews of A Game of Inches. New reviews of A Game of Inches are pouring in. Here is one from noted author Steven Spruill:

“Hubbell writes with consummate skill.  He knows how to make your senses come alive and your heart beat faster.  In “A Game of Inches,” he immerses the reader in the Washington intrigues Mr. Hubbell knows better than any other novelist.  I found myself rooting hard for the amiable Jack Patterson, whose best weapon is the modesty that lures his enemies into selling him short.  The greatest joy of this fast-paced, gripping novel is its unforgettable characters.  Webb Hubbell delivers the goods! Spending time with Jack Patterson has become my favorite escape—I can’t wait for the next novel!” —Steve Spruill, author of Ice Men, Sleeper, and Rulers of Darkness

Events In May and June. This old former Razorback went home to NW Arkansas to address the Eight Circuit Judicial Conference. Also on the program were Chief Justice John Roberts and Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Robert Manfred.  The following week I attended and signed books at Book Expo America (“BEA”) in Chicago, Illinois. Later in the month, I spoke at Gastonia’s Rotary club and was on a panel of authors at the Radford Reads Book Festival in Radford, Va.

In June I will start promoting A Game of  Inches on TV, on the radio, and at book signings and book clubs. Already booked is an appearance on Fox and Friends June 21, 2016, at the Morrison Library in Charlotte, NC on June 23rd, and on the radio with Jane Silk and James Campbell on June 23rd and June 25th respectively. I will update everyone about future events, and if I’m in your area please drop by and say hello and give me feedback on my books.

Ginger Snaps Book CoverGinger Snaps Wins Gold.  In Chicago and in conjunction with BEA I picked up Ginger Snaps’ Gold IPPY Medal for outstanding suspense/thriller of the year. This honor is bestowed by the Independent Publishers Association and I am extremely honored. My first Jack Patterson novel, When Men Betraywon an IndieFAB award. I am so grateful to my publisher and his fabulous team for all the hard work they put in to make these awards possible. The medal now has a place of honor right beside my writing desk.

A Favor To Ask. After you have read A Game of Inches and you enjoyed it take a moment to go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads or any other online book reviewer and write a short review even if all you do is award it five stars. Even more importantly, help me spread the word by telling your friends, your book clubs, church groups or business organizations about the Jack Patterson series. It makes a huge difference. I will post soon other ways you can help me spread the word about A Game of Inches.

Giveaways. If you go to GoodReads you will see I am giving away three autographed copies of A Game of Inches. The contest ends June 23rdSign up even if you have already ordered your copy. You can always give one away to your local or school library. Speaking of giveaways. If your charitable organization would like an autographed copy of a Jack Patterson novel contact me at [email protected]. A limited number of copies are still available.

Webb Hubbell: Friends in High Places Book CoverCurrent State of Politics: We know who the nominees are for the two major parties. At least we think we do. Then again, I’ve been wrong a lot about this election so far, and I see no signs of that stopping. My hope and dreams are that we start to hear a little more about dreams for our future than our fears. I used to have a rule that I wouldn’t vote for anyone unless he/she told me the reasons why I should vote For that individual not why I should be Against the opponent. I ended up too often not having anyone to vote for.

I wrote this morning at thehubbellpew.com the following. I hope both candidates take it to heart.

“There can be no happiness for any of us until happiness is won for all. — Gandhi
 When we see our leaders and our prospective leaders doing all they can to pit one group of humans against another group I am reminded of Gandhi’s words.
 Humans are not the enemy. Poverty, ignorance, violence, and indifference are the common enemies we all share no matter what our sex, race, gender, religion, etc.
 As long as one of our brothers or sisters is not free, neither are we.”

Speaking Opportunities: My June calendar is pretty full, but there is always room for a few more opportunities. We haven’t started to put together our summer or fall schedule yet so if you would like me to speak to your organization, university, or church contact either [email protected] or me at [email protected]. If you would like to schedule a book signing, other book related event, or a media interview contact [email protected]

Lessons Learned At The Redford Book Festival: I love to attend book festivals. first, you get to spend quality time with people who love books and want to hear about writing, the process of writing a book, and about the lives of the authors. I carry away so much, but perhaps the most important thing is to simply keep writing. I left Radford and headed back to Charlotte with one firm commitment — to get back in front of the word processor. I also bought a bunch of books.


Until next month all the very best and don’t forget to preorder A Game of Inches at webbhubbell.com.


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