Irony of Ironies

It was reported in the main stream press several weeks ago that the FBI and the Dept. of Justice had recommended to Attorney General Holder that General Petraeus be prosecuted for disclosing confidential information to his biographer.

Of course, the only way the press could have found out this information was for someone in the FBI or the DOJ to have “leaked” or “disclosed confidential information” to a reporter(s). Apparently the “confidential source” considers what the General to have done to be a crime, but considers him or herself to be above the law. I find it ironic, but apparently neither the DOJ, the FBI, or the press seem bothered by this double standard.

I say leave the general and his biographer alone. They have already been punished way more than warranted. What President, General, High Ranking Official hasn’t told their biographer or ghost writer a few “secrets.” I’d bet the biographer had at the time a code-word security clearance, and they hardly were spies. Let’s reserve prosecuting for disclosing confidential information, to going after spies or people who put the country in real danger.

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