In Politics, Money Finds Its Way

In When Men Betray Jack Patterson says, ” Just as water always finds its course, in politics, money finds its way.”

Although the book is fiction, any question about Jack’s statement carrying a grain of truth was answered by the 2015 Budget Bill passed by the House and likely to be passed by the Senate in the next few days. President Obama has already said he will sign the Budget when it reaches its desk.

The Budget contains a provision conveniently located on page 1,599 of a 1,603 page document, that allows individuals to give more than $300,000 directly to political parties every year. According to the Washington Post’s Matea Gold, under the new rules, one couple could legally funnel nearly $1.3 million to a party’s various accounts.

I admire my friends who have called for a constitutional amendment to repeal the Citizen’s United decision, but the 2015 budget clearly shows that among politicians in Washington there is no will or backbone when it comes to limiting the influence of money or its power over legislation. Even those who politically shout to the rooftops will next week turn right around and start taking contributions and encouraging everyone to give the maximum to their political party.

Perhaps it would be best if the members of Congress just donned jumpsuits like NASCAR drivers so we could plainly see who their sponsors are and who they truly represent.

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