I Dreamed About The Razorbacks

I dreamed that the Razorbacks beat Alabama this weekend. For some reason I was dreaming that we could have a eight and four record, but even if we beat Alabama that would be a bigger dream.

Alabama is going to be madder than H*** and knowing they have to win out and hope that Ole Miss gets beat twice to have a chance at a Nat’l Championship.

Realistically, no SEC team is going through the season undefeated, and only one loss deserves Nat’l playoff consideration. What is more likely is all SEC teams have at least two losses, and the Playoff committee headed by Jeff Long shuts out the SEC. (That is right before Long goes to Michigan as the AD.)

Despite Alabama being pumped up, I am looking forward to the game. Arkansas had a bye, they are playing at home, and I think Alabama will try too hard and thus over run their assignments. Arkansas will go ahead early like they did against A&M. Here is the question — Has Arkansas started to believe they can win a big game? Can they put it away? A&M was a test that they didn’t pass in that regard, but let’s watch and see if they learned how to win a big game.

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Go Hogs!



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