Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Dear Readers:

I believe there is at least one novel in each of us, as do I believe their a little Irish in a lot of us. My grandmother was a Kelley, and my daughter is named after her. The picture above is not of my daughter but of an Irish lass on a windy March day like today.

A long time ago, Saturday Night Live used to make fun of the fact that President Gerald Ford would trip and fall on occasion. The skits were funny, but a little cruel in my opinion. Although I’m a yellow dog, I admired President Ford, and thought his pardon of Nixon was the right thing to do,  even though it did cost him the Presidential election in 1976.

I remind you of Gerald Ford because he thought that the dignity and integrity of the office of President was worth losing an election. His country healing meant more than votes or popularity. In one man’s opinion it is time for our current President to learn from one of his predecessors. It is time he quit Tweeting, and showed the institution of the Presidency the respect it deserves. To quote St. Paul, “It is time to put away childish things.”

Just one man’s opinion. What do you think?

Upcoming Events: I am excited about my next speaking event at the Charleston Library Society in late March. If you live in the Charleston area I hope you will come by and visit. Search my website webbhubbell.com for other events in your area. There is plenty of room available for your book club, your organization, and institution, At events like these I get so much feedback on my books and almost every time I make new friends or catch up with old friends, or both. Contact me at [email protected] to inquire about me speaking.

Books: The award-winning Jack Patterson Thrillers, including my latest, A Game of Inches are available for birthdays, thank you gifts, and just to be nice presents. Autographed copies are available at my website, webbhubbell.com. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are selling hard copies and eVersions, and local independent bookstores either have them in stock or can get books from my publisher, Beaufort Books. If your favorite bookstore has run out, ask them to order you a copy today.

When Men Betray Book CoverA Favor To Ask. After you read A Game of Inches and if you enjoyed it like so many who are saying “this one is the best of the three” please write a review on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Powell’s, or Goodreads website even if all you do is award it five stars.

A second way to help is to drop by your local bookstore and suggest they carry all three of the award-winning Jack Patterson Thrillers: When Men BetrayGinger Snaps, and A Game of Inches.

Most importantly, tell your friends, your book club, and your business organization what many are writing — that it is a “must read” and “one of the top summer reads.”

Charitable Organizations. I donated twenty books to the Charlotte Library so promising Pages could read my book. If your organization is having a silent auction or needs a door prize please let me know. I heard this last week that the three book series autographed went for $300 at a silent auction. I always set aside a number of my books for charitable events.

Until my next post all the very best and don’t forget to order and then review A Game of InchesWebb


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