Great Pair Says This “Bear” — “Ginger Snaps” and “When Men Betray”


When I lived in Alabama everywhere one would go there would be billboards saying, “Great Pair Says ‘The Bear.'” The “Bear” referring to the legendary Paul “Bear” Bryant, head football coach of Alabama. The pair were the two products “Bear’ always endorsed — Coca Cola and Golden Flake Potato Chips.

Well I am certainly no “Bear” Bryant by any stretch, but this former draftee of The Chicago Bears recommends another pair for your summer reading pleasure — “When Men Betray” and “Ginger Snaps.” They both will quench your thirst and satisfy your appetite for a totally exciting and entertaining read.

Ginger Snaps: A Jack Patterson Thriller + When Men Betray (A Jack Patterson Thriller)

Thirsty and hungry for a great summer read go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or the iBooks store to order your e-reader versions, order your hardback copies from Amazon, B&N, or your local Independent bookstore. Also consider obtain an autograph copies for your colleague, best friend, or yourself by going to

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June 24, 2015 3:08 pm

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