Grab a Handful of “Ginger Snaps” and “Spice” Up Your Friend’s Reading Life






Ginger Snaps Book CoverHas someone recently done something special for you such as buy your lunch, watched your kids during an emergency, fed the dog when you had to go out of town suddenly, etc. Better yet don’t you just love it when a friend does something nice for you completely out of the blue — no reason, just to be nice. Give someone or a group of friends a wonderful read — Ginger Snaps. Maybe include a tin of the cookies with the book — with or without the Liz’s “special spice” depending on your personal preferences.

About the book:

World-renowned scientist, Doug Stewart, has been thrown in jail by the Feds, and his home and all his belongings have been seized and about to be auctioned. Drawn by curiosity as well as a forgotten promise to his late wife, DC antitrust attorney Jack Patterson returns to Little Rock to learn why Stewart was growing hundreds of marijuana plants in his back yard. Jack enlists security expert Clovis Jones and local lawyer Micki Lawrence in a race against time to uncover why the Feds are refusing to allow Jack see his client, why someone will stop at nothing, including murder, to prevent him from investigating the case, and why Stewart’s wife, Liz, continues to insist its all about her not-so-secret – Ginger Snaps.

Pick up your copy of Ginger Snaps at your neighborhood bookstore, order it online at Amazon, B&N, or iBooks in hardcover or eBook format, or if you want autographed copies go to .

 Don’t just take my word for the book. Read Ginger Snaps most recent review.




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