Gosh, Is It Football Season Already?

My Razorbacks have already lost to Auburn, Seattle beat Green Bay like a drum, and this weekend just about every high school, college, and professional team will be playing. Summer is over, kids are back in school, and if I were in the corporate workplace somebody would be scheduling a meeting about end-of-the-year planning. Before you know it the Malls will be piping obnoxious Christmas music.

“Slow it down,” we cry.

Well we can’t slow it down, but we can enjoy each and every day of Fall. Maybe it was because I was a football player, but Fall is the season that I looked forward to the most. Cooler evenings, beautiful trees, and smells and tastes of BBQ, Chili, and other warming and filling foods.

The only spoiler of the season is the fact that smack dab in the missile of all this fun and beauty is the first Tuesday in November — midterm elections and our television viewing being spoiled by political ads telling what is awful and wrong with every candidate. My advice keep your remote handy and be quick to mute. I have never heard a negative ad, and I’ve heard a lot, that isn’t to some degree misleading. Just don’t listen to any ad, and do your own study of the candidates and their positions. All that nonsense on TV is theatre, not the truth.

Meanwhile enjoy every day of the Fall. Football season means its okay to be young again. Celebrate the young person in you no matter what your age.

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