“Ginger Snaps” Returns To Little Rock Next Week

Ginger Snaps Book CoverDear Readers:

I return to Little Rock site of my latest thriller, Ginger Snaps, this next weekend for my 50th reunion of the Hall High Warriors Class of 1965. I will drop by Wordsworth Books to sign a few books so if you want your copy autographed or want some more to give out on Halloween night, call Jean and she will set your copies aside.

I also will be attending a book club in Charlotte on Wednesday. If you would like me to appear at your book club, or speak to your organization or university simply email me at [email protected] or fill out the form at webbhubbell.com/contact/.

HighPlaces_CVR_Mar17My Publisher, Beaufort Books, reports the printer is experiencing delays in the reissue of Friends in High Places. I sincerely apologize and hope the delay is only short lived.

My latest article on for The Clyde Fitch Report is available by clicking on the following link: http://www.clydefitchreport.com/2015/10/doj-wall-street-yates/. Let me know what you think by writing a comment at the Clyde Fitch site or below this post.

My son and I went to Knoxville to watch my beloved Razorbacks play my father’s alma mater, the University of Tennessee. We had great time and for a change the Razorbacks won a SEC road victory. This week we go for two in a row at Alabama.

Hope to see many of you in Little Rock next weekend.

Sincerely, Webb.



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