“Ginger Snaps” — Make Sure It Is In Your Beach Book Bag

Ginger Snaps Book Cover

The next Jack Patterson Thriller will be available soon, make sure it is in your book bag along with you earmarked copy of “When Men Betray,” the first in the Jack Patterson series.

Read what the latest reviewer of “When Men Betray” posts:

“Very exciting book along the lines of John Grisham.. You know a book is really good when you look in the newspaper, after you have finished the book, to see what going on and you expect to read more about the characters in the book.” — Bill Caten
And an early review of “Ginger Snaps”:
Captivating from the beginning and never without intrigue, Ginger Snaps transports readers into the dark channels of Arkansas’s political and criminal landscape. Webb Hubbell vividly evokes the sights and textures of Little Rock while delivering a knockout story in this engrossing mystery thriller.”

~Ellen Ratner, Bureau Chief- Talk News Service

Don’t delay, order When Men Betray or pre-order a copy of Ginger Snaps by going to Amazon, B&N, your local bookstore, or get your autographed copies at https://webbhubbell.com/books-by-webb-hubbell-when-men-betray/.
When Men Betray Book Cover
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