“Ginger Snaps” Arrives May 21, 2015


Ginger Snaps Book CoverGinger Snaps Arrives May 21, 2015 in Your Local Bookstore or Online.

Ginger Snaps is the highly-anticipated second novel in the Jack Patterson thriller series by noted-author Webb Hubbell.

World-renowned scientist, Doug Stewart, has been thrown in jail by the Feds, and his home and all his belongings have been seized and about to be auctioned. Drawn by curiosity as well as a forgotten promise to his late wife, DC antitrust attorney Jack Patterson returns to Little Rock to learn why Stewart was growing hundreds of marijuana plants in his back yard. Jack enlists security expert Clovis Jones and local lawyer Micki Lawrence in a race against time to uncover why the Feds are refusing to allow Jack see his client, why someone will stop at nothing, including murder, to prevent him from investigating the case, and why Stewart’s wife, Liz, continues to insist its all about her not-so-secret – Ginger Snaps.


Early praise For Ginger Snaps:


“I don’t know how Webb Hubbell learned to write, but I sure know he did. He fashions masterful, stories of intrigue and human cupidity that hook me from page one. Ginger Snaps is the second Jack Patterson novel I’ve read and I’m committed to whatever other adventures of Jack’s leak out of Webb’s pen. His characters are human enough to make me love them, and just smarter enough than I am to make me stick with them and see how it all turns out. Put me down as first in line for the next one, Webb.
—Peter Coyote actor and author of Sleeping Where I Fall and The Rainman’s Third Cure


Ginger Snaps is a wonderfully intriguing crime mystery, involving the potential abuse of our post-9/11 national security apparatus; the medical use of marijuana, and its potential to help cure cancer; the often dark world of commercial sex; and the corrupt practice of allowing criminal prosecutors to seize private property from individuals who may never be charged with a crime. Hubbell tells a great story with vivid details that lure the reader deeper and deeper into the mystery.”
— Keith Stroup, founder NORML
“Captivating from the beginning and never without intrigue, Ginger Snaps transports readers into the dark channels of Arkansas’s political and criminal landscape. Webb Hubbell vividly evokes the sights and textures of Little Rock while delivering a knockout story in this engrossing mystery thriller.”
—Ellen Ratner, Bureau Chief, Talk News Service

Pre-order your copies of Ginger Snaps by going to Amazon, B&N, your local bookstore, or get your autographed copies at https://webbhubbell.com/books-by-webb-hubbell-when-men-betray/.

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