“Ginger Snaps” and Little Rock Come Together

Ginger Snaps Book CoverGinger Snaps (Beaufort Books 2015), the newest Jack Patterson thriller is set in Little Rock, Arkansas. Its author, Webb Hubbell, was born and raised in Little Rock and served as its youngest mayor. So how appropriate is it for Webb and “Ginger Snaps” to return to Little Rock for the novel’s publication date and to meet old and new friends at Wordsworth Books on Saturday and Barnes and Noble on Financial Parkway on Sunday afternoon. Come by and visit Webb at either location and learn more about “Ginger Snaps.”

Ginger Snaps: World-renowned scientist, Doug Stewart, has been thrown in jail by the Feds, and his home and all his belongings have been seized and about to be auctioned. Drawn by curiosity as well as a forgotten promise to his late wife, DC antitrust attorney Jack Patterson returns to Little Rock to learn why Stewart was growing hundreds of marijuana plants in his back yard. Jack enlists security expert Clovis Jones and local lawyer Micki Lawrence in a race against time to uncover why the Feds are refusing to allow Jack see his client, why someone will stop at nothing, including murder, to prevent him from investigating the case, and why Stewart’s wife, Liz, continues to insist its all about her not-so-secret – Ginger Snaps.

Order your copies now calling Little Rock’s Wordsworth Books or Barnes and Noble, or by going online to Amazon, B&N, or iTunes, or get your autographed copies at https://webbhubbell.com/books-by-webb-hubbell-when-men-betray/.

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