Free Shipping And Handling For Autographed Copies of When Men Betray

Until Christmas, order your autographed copies of When Men Betray from and receive free shipping and handling anywhere in the continental United States.

Whether you buy one copy or one hundred, I will ship your autographed copies — Free of all shipping and handling charges.

If you want your order shipped to a different location(s), just send me an e-mail at [email protected] with the names and address where you want it/them shipped, and I will do the rest.

Want a discount on bulk orders for ten or more books?  E-mail me.

Consider handing them out on Halloween — much better for your teeth. They make great Thanksgiving presents to co-workers, family, guests, or anyone else you are thankful for their being in your life. They make wonderful Christmas presents to people who have everything and you can’t decide what to give them, former boyfriends, newspaper carriers, barbers or hairdressers, or just having a few available when those friends you never thought would give you present show up on Christmas eve with a present for you.

Sorry, no gift-wrapping. You really don’t want to see how bad my wrapping really is.  Webb


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