Free Copies of When Men Betray

Before you get too excited — read the fine print.

Goodreads is giving away three autographed copies of When Men Betray. Go to their Giveaways section if you are feeling lucky.

On the other hand, you can get a personalized autographed copy of When Men Betray by going to the Books section of this website,, click on order your copy now, and for $24.95 a copy you can get your book mailed to you free of charge for shipping and handling. Much better deal in my humble opinion.

The Razorbacks play UAB in Fayetteville this weekend before they return to their killer SEC schedule. I won’t jinx them this week by predicting victory, but a loss would put Bilema’s job in real jeopardy so I don’t think the Hogs will take UAB lightly.

Everybody vote, and mute all negative political ads by both parties. They all are misleading and less than honest — both sides. Wouldn’t once you like to hear a political ad that said, “Hello, My name is ________. Here is why you should vote for me, and what I will do if elected in very specific terms.”  I remind us all that there is nowhere on the ballot where you can vote against a candidate, but you’d never know it from watching all the attack ads.

Have a good weekend.


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