Former U.S. Associate Attorney General’s New Novel, “Ginger Snaps,” Tackles Prosecutorial Abuse

Ginger Snaps Book Cover Former U.S. Associate Attorney General, Webb Hubbell, in his new novel, Ginger Snaps, tackles prosecutorial abuse of asset forfeiture laws, along with sex trafficking and draconian marijuana laws.

Here what a noted attorney says about the book:

I loved it!  I thought it unlikely that … it could really be better than When Men Betray, but I do not think you oversold it.  The first paragraph grabbed me, and the novel did not let me go until the end.  Maybe not even then. Webb you are an incredible story teller, but as much as I love your stories, I also love your writing style.  Your language flows smoothly and is easy to read.  It enhances, rather than gets in the way of, the story. 

When you told me that this one was about medical marijuana, civil forfeiture laws and human trafficking, my first thought was that that the story might get bogged down with too many plots, but it didn’t at all.  You wove them together beautifully and seamlessly into a compelling thriller.  Congratulations!  I am now ready to read your next novel, but this one will  be hard to top.”

Available online or at your local bookstores on May 21, 2015.

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