Football Rumors

About this time we start to hear rumors of coaches leaving one college to coach another team.

I’m old school when it comes to reacting to this. If a coach wants to entertain offers to go elsewhere my reaction is — don’t let the door hit you when you walk out and be sure and pay back your buy out in full.

No coach is worth a University paying blackmail to renegotiate his contract because somebody else wants him or is willing to pay him anymore.

I’d go even further, if a coach even entertains leaving before his contract is up, that should be grounds for dismissal. There should be consequences for breaking one’s word to be a “Razorback, Buffalo, Tiger, etc.” forever. There also ought to be consequences for colleges interfering with a contract without permission.

Like I said I’m old school. There are plenty of good assistants who deserve opportunities to be head coaches. Look at Frank Broyles’s assistants who went elsewhere with good graces and class — Joe Gibbs, Jimmy Johnson, Barry Switzer, Johnny Majors, Pat Jones, Richard Williamson, etc.

If a coach wants to leave don’t renegotiate his contract, show him the door.

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