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Dear Readers:

Twenty five years ago, my friends and I were making plans to come to DC. We carried with us the hopes and dreams of a country. Soon, I would find myself to be the only Clinton political appointee at the Department of Justice because the nominated Attorney General had withdrawn her nomination. In addition to searching for a new Attorney General that would breeze through the Senate confirmation process, I was soon knee deep in such events as the World Trade Center bombing and the disaster of a raid on a compound in Waco, Texas.

What seemed insignificant at the time was I also learned a great deal about applications for FISA warrants. I spent a great deal of time with a wonderful person, Mary Lawton, who was head of the DOJ’s Office of Information and Privacy. I had to review every application for a FISA warrant before it went to the Attorney General for her approval. I spent a great deal of time with Mary going over applications taller than her to make sure the application complied with the law and passed the smell test. It was exciting and an important part of my job.

I mention this because there is a lot in the news these days about FISA warrants and what is necessary to obtain a FISA warrant. The process was fairly straight forward back then, and Mary Lawton and the checks and balances in place made sure that no warrant would ever go to a FISA court for approval without careful consideration and vetting of sources by the FBI and the DOJ at the highest levels.

I’m confident that the law and the process must have changed, because all of the articles I read talk only about the FBI’s role in the process. If the FBI is in total control, I find that troubling. Not that I don’t greatly admire the FBI and law enforcement in general, but because I know from personal experience that every branch of government needs checks and balances. I always made Mary Lawton the happiest when I would say, “Mary, I have a few questions about this application.”

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