Elder Gallery Event A Monumental Success

Hubbell book signing with crowd


Over 200 book-lovers and friends came together at the Elder Gallery this Thursday, June 5, 2014. The draw was a champagne reception to celebrate the publication of Webb Hubbell’s new novel, When Men Betray, and the gallery itself which is one of the premiere venues in Charlotte, NC., or the entire South for that matter. Amongst the unbelievably beautiful and breath-taking work of Carl Plansky the gathering enjoyed fine champagne, a grand company of friends, and listened to Webb Hubbell talk about the process of writing and publishing his first novel. It is hard to imagine a better event on Webb’s whirlwind book tour this June or July.

I now venture out across the country to talk about When Men Betray. Several more events in Charlotte happen, before in a two week span we travel to DC, Dallas, and New Orleans.

Several people have e-mailed asking how do they get an autographed copy of When Men Betray if I’m not going to be in their community for awhile. The answer is easy. Go to www.wehbbhubbell.com, click on Books, and click on the link that says order now. PayPal will take you through the steps and a personalized copy will soon arrive. Thank You.




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