Easter Bunny Bringing “Ginger Snaps” To Your House?

Ginger Snaps Book Cover


Is the Easter Bunny coming to your house? Consider one more special gift for someone special like yourself, your spouse, partner, roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend, or parents — An autographed copy of “Ginger Snaps,” the newest Jack Patterson legal thriller.

Don’t forget your assistant, boss, coworker, or that special man or woman you’ve been trying to break the ice with for months. Make the gift even more special with an autographed copy of “When Men Betray” as well.

Don’t delay, order When Men Betray or pre-order a copy of Ginger Snaps by going to Amazon, B&N, your local bookstore, or get your autographed copies at https://webbhubbell.com/books-by-webb-hubbell-when-men-betray/.

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