Early Reviews of “Ginger Snaps” Are Coming In!


Early Reviews of Ginger Snaps:

“The best tribute I can make to the book is that the suspense … made me keep on reading until 10 pm. I woke up at 3 am and read on until I finished. It’s a wonderful book and true to the thriller genre. Keeps you on the edge of your seat…. The book shows superb craftsmanship. Elmore Leonard step aside! Can’t wait for the next one. Congrats!!!  — John Barker, Oxford Scholar and former Press Secretary to Governor Clinton.

“Captivating from the beginning and never without intrigue, Ginger Snaps transports readers into the dark channels of Arkansas’s political and criminal landscape. Webb Hubbell vividly evokes the sights and textures of Little Rock while delivering a knockout story in this engrossing mystery thriller.”

~Ellen Ratner, Bureau Chief- Talk News Service

More great reviews for When Men Betray:

My initial impression when I read the blurb on this book was it sounded sort of good. Then it hit me who the author was. I wasn’t sure if he was trading on his fame or associations, but I figured the worst possible outcome would be I’d hate it and I’d review it accordingly.
With a deft pen (or laptop) Hubbell starts off running and only picks up pace as he creates a tense story that has more twists and turns that I couldn’t anticipate. Populated with interesting and well developed characters and a tense narrative, this is a thriller full of intrigue and alarming southern charm. Despite its complexity, as I read quickly I realized this was not a book I could take breaks from and I couldn’t. This is one sensational story that easily rivals John Grisham at his best.
This is perfect for a big screen treatment and I fully expect to see it at the movies. Treat yourself and read this in its entirety before you see the movie. Great book. Thank you Mr. Hubbell!  — G.I. Gurdjeff
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Ginger Snaps Book Cover
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